Prof. DrSc. Banh Tien Long

President of Vietnam Association of Science Editing
President of the National Council for Professor Title in the Interdisciplinary Mechanical Engineering, Member of the Vietnam State Council for Professorship
Vice President of the Vietnam Federation of Mechanical Engineering Associations

Research Areas

  • Processing of materials and tools; Machinibility of Materials; Mechatronics, Automation; Machinery and mechanical equipment in mechanical fabrication; CAD / CAM / CNC, CAE, Reverse Engineering; Rapid prototyping; Machining formation of surfaces, toollife of Industrial instruments, high speed cutting tools, high speed machining: grinding, milling; Processing of advanced Technology, EDM machining, tooling Lazer, waterjet machining; Manichines and Strength Development; Surface treatment technology tools, machine parts by blowing the PVD, CVD; Dynamics and stability of the cutting process. Optimization process outsourcing.

Keynote Title: Science, Technology and Innovation activities of Vietnam, of the Ministry of Education and Training and the practice of science and technology activities of Hung Yen University of  Technology and Education in service of socio-economic development towards sustainable development (period 2016-2020).

Abstract: 2020 is the end of the second decade of the 21st Century, the final year of the five-year plan 2016-2020. Science and Technology and innovation of the world have been developing strongly. Humanity is waiting for many breakthrough results in Biotechnology, Information technology and digital transformation, New Materials technology, energy technology, Automation technology, etc. in a sustainable development environment. In that context, Vietnam's science and technology, the Ministry of Education and Training, and Hung Yen University of Education and Science have made great efforts to develop and implement tasks and solutions to implement strategic development orientations serving the economy. and society, even in the face of challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic, promoting the potentials of industries and fields, creating a driving force for rapid and sustainable development of the country. In this report, the authors will summarize and analyze the science, technology and innovation activities of Vietnam, the Ministry of Education and Training, and the University of Education and Science, including Vietnam's senior scientific research human resources, serving the social economy, society towards sustainable development (period 2016-2020). 

Prof. Dr. Jin H. Huang

Vice President of Feng Chia University

Research Areas

  • Electroacoustic Transducer Design.
  • Sound and Vibration.
  • Structural Acoustics.

Honors & Awards

  • Lifelong Distinguished Professor, Feng Chia University
  • Excellence in University-Industry Technology Alliance Award, MOST
  • Excellence in Research Award and Grant, National Science Council
  • Teaching Excellent Award, Taichung City
Assoc. Prof. Chi Hieu Le

Associate Professor, University of Greenwich

He was/has been a project evaluator for the funding organisations such as Vingroup Innovation Foundation (Vietnam), Wellcome Trust (UK), The Royal Society (UK: Global Challenges Research Fund), Welsh Assembly Government (Wales, UK), Sêr Cymru - Welsh Government Office for Science (Wales, UK), NIHR - Invention for Innovation (i4i) Programme (Department of Health, National Institute for Health Research - NIHR, UK), and British Council. He annually serves as a visiting professor and an invited speaker at Higher Education Institutions in Vietnam, Thailand, China and Europe. He is a co-founder of the Vietnam-UK Network of Higher Education, Innovation and Entrepreneurship (www.vuheie.org), which has been successfully secured at least 5 million USD of the external funding for R&D and Higher Education activities, with the active engagements and networking among scientists, researchers and experts from Vietnam, ASEAN and the UK, as well as the fruitful University-Business collaborations.

Keynote Title: Innovative and cost-effective development of medical products based on 3D Medical Image Processing and Additive Manufacturing 

Abstract: Personalized implants and surgical guides based on medical imaging data (CT/MRI: Computerised Tomography & Magnetic resonance imaging) have been developed since 1990s and they are commercially available for the medical diagnosis and treatments. The benefits of personalized implants and surgical guides have been well-documented, especially to improve the safety and quality of medical diagnosis and treatments, with the use of preoperative planning and Additive Manufacturing (AM) technologies. However, there are still technical and clinical challenges that need to be overcome due to the complexity of the technology, the high cost, and the lack of human resources in Biomedical Engineering. There is an emerging need to get the full potentials of the latest developments of medical image processing (MIP) and AM technologies in medical diagnosis and treatments as well as medical rehabilitations, especially to increase the number of clinical cases of personalized implants and surgical guides in developing countries. This presentation aims to provide the overview and latest development of personalized implants and surgical guides based on MIP and AM, with the focus on the innovative and cost-effective solutions. The presentation also highlights the key clinical and technical issues, design and manufacturing of personalized biomodels, implants and surgical guides, as well as the latest development of MIP and AM, including Bioprinting, Tissue Engineering, Smart Design and Manufacturing. 

Prof. Dr. Wu Yu-Ren

Full Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, NCU, Taiwan

Research Areas

  • Geometry Design for Screw Compressors and Vacuum Pumps.
  • Design and Manufacture Methods for Gears and Screws.
  • Multi-body Dynamics Modeling.
  • Analysis of Transmission System.
  • Engineering Optimization.
  • Taguchi’s Method and Uniform Design.
  • Creative Design and Patent Development.

Honors & Awards

  • Won the 2020 "Mr. Wu Dayou Memorial Award" from the Ministry of Science and Technology.
  • Won the "Research Excellence Award" of Central University in the 108 academic year.
  • In 2011, he participated in the two-year National Science Council development-type industry-academic cooperation project "Environmental Refrigerant Double Screw Compressor Key Technology Development" as the sub-project host, and the project was awarded the "Outstanding Industry-Academic Achievement by the Engineering Department of the Ministry of Science and Technology in 2014 prize".